Welcome by textile work of art

Dörte Putensen  a part of   The departure
Dörte Putensen a part of The departure

For peaceful everyone.  For dignified dealing with themeselves.

I would like to be an good example to people with handicap and give more courage to come the best way for therself. My most important conditions of dignified life are liberty and the revelation of artistic talents and other abilities. Constantly too much work for people are not friendly, but show that the individuly one`s limitations. Respect  for our life is very necessary.

"The cause of defeat is not in the obstacles or difficult circumstandes justified, but only in the fact that our determination declines or collapses." (pamphlet: Buddh. insights of Daisaku Ikeda, Soka Gakkai International )

The subjects "Inklusion", several cultural society, different religions and various family backgrounds for example patchwork- that all I would like to observe in my artistic work. Different materials collaborate on really idea, but quite often these are fighting. That is comparable with war in the human race.

According to the principle:

"To make the impossible possible!" ( Nichiren Daishonin, buddhist monk 1222)

On the end I can see my harmony inside. I would like, that the peace is growing in my personally surroundings. I would like someway to show that with expressions in my work of arts.